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Welcome to Anya L(ast)I(con)M(aker)S(tanding)
This is a lims challenge dedicated to the demon/girlfriend Anya Jenkins in the cult-show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Submission rules;
1. Icons must fit the lj standards; 100x100, 40kb, PNG, GIF or JPG.
2. You will enter 1 icon every week, unless stated otherwise.
3. Blending and animation isn't allowed, sorry.
4. All icons must be your own, original work, for the challenges.
schedule; wednesday (new challenge & results) || Sunday (voting)
Sign-up rules;
GOLDEN RULE: PLEASE only sign-up if you're serious about participating. I've seen way too many LIMS that suffer a large number of disqualifications first challenge because people sign-up then don't participate.
2. You must sign up to participate.
3. Each participant automatically recieves 1 skip however you can earn an extra skip (total of 2) by promoting the community.
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