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15th-Sep-2008 - Round 4 sign-ups
So, this sign-up could either go excellent or bad but I decided to give it a go and try to revive the community.

PLEASE only sign-up if you're serious about participating. I've seen way too many LIMS that suffer a large number of disqualifications first challenge because people sign-up then don't participate.

I'd like to have at least 20 participants before I start this round. If you want to help out by promoting the community and earning an extra skip that'd be appreciated. :)

To sign up just leave a comment to this post. There's no secret word; the rules accompany each challenge anyways. :)

Promoting the community will really help out and be appreciated seeing as it's been inactive for awhile. :) There's come codes under the cut if you want to use them.
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15th-Sep-2008 - Makeover + affiliates
anya_lims got a bit of a makeover while I was meant to be sleeping but couldn't. :\

re-signups for round 4 will be up soon. :)

If you'd like to be an affiliate of anya_lims just leave a comment to this post!
21st-May-2008 - ++ GIVE-A-WAY!
britney → stages (underworld)
I feel terrible for taking over this community and never running it. So,


First come first served.
20th-Jan-2008 - ROUND #4 UPDATE!
britney → stages (underworld)
SO SORRY for neglecting this community!!

I'm still interested in doing a round #4 if we can get enough participants!! So if you haven't yet, PLEASE SIGN-UP!

Also, promoting would be wonderful! I'd even give you an EXTRA skip for promotion, equalling THREE SKIPS!

Hope to start soon =D
30th-Jun-2007 - ROUND #4 sign-ups!!
britney → stages (underworld)
Okay not many people commented to let me know if you wanted another round, but I thought I'd set up a post for sign-ups anyways :)

You know what to do; read the rules first and then comment here! Looking for atleast 20 to start :) Please pimp us!

Also, I started another lims community @ buffygirls_lims, so be sure to sign-up there too! Should be loads of fun!

01. whatnow73
02. tickingtimeless
03. pieds_joyeux
04. smelltheflowers
05. etilia76
06. poker_boy
07. cool_rush
08. greyfable
09. hurts_my_soul
10. aurelia
11. glassnowdrop
12. gossymer
13. maharet83

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